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Auto Paintless Dent Repair in Westchester, NY

Paintless Dent Repair

Size is irrelevant. No matter how big or small, Invisident can remove your dent. The runaway grocery cart, another door opening into it, stray golf balls, or the short poles next to the fuel pumps may, unfortunately, cause dents sooner rather than later.
Auto Paintless dent repair (PDR) is frequently the best choice when dents occur but there isn’t any paint damage. Invisident a professional paintless dent repair shop is able to save paint and original panels, unlike traditional body shops, maintaining the vehicle’s value.

Invisident determines the most effective approach to restore your vehicle to normal using its years of experience. Bring in even your worst dents for an evaluation because we have a reputation for taking on complex dent repairs that other PDR companies won’t touch. We also specialize in auto hail damage repair.

If Invisident is unable to assist, we will be happy to provide a reliable body shop recommendation.

Qualifications for Dent Repair

  • Damage to the paint must not exist.
  • Damage inhibits the repair process, while at the same time allowing for the potential of future paint flaking and corrosion.
  • The damage must stay inside the panel and not have caused the edges to buckle or curl.

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Invisident auto paintless dent repair

“Steve is awesome to work with. he fixed my dent without paint! Invisident is the best paintless auto body repair shop around. I highly recommend them for paintless body repair.”
Michael RaphaelJulie Ayala