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What is Paintless
Dent Removal?

Unsightly dents and dings can detract from your car’s appearance, but fixing them doesn’t always require an expensive auto body shop visit. Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is a viable option if your paint isn’t chipped or cracked, regardless of the dent’s size or whether it’s from hail. Using PDR, the dented metal is carefully pushed back into shape while preserving the original paint. Our Invisident technician selects the best access point, like a window opening or inner panel removal, and then skillfully massages the dent’s outer edge using specialized tools.

Invisident Paintless Dent repair Yorktown Heights, NY

What is Paint
Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film (PPF), or protection film, is a 6-8 mils thick multi-layer urethane film. Its purpose is to shield a vehicle’s paint from stone impacts and road debris, minimizing damage. PPF can even self-heal minor swirls and scratches through heat, setting it apart from ceramic coatings and other detailing methods. When it comes to preventing rock chips and substantial scratches, PPF is the exclusive and effective choice.

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About Invisident

We offer premium Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) and Paint Protection Film (PPF) services. Our technicians are dedicated to revitalizing your car’s appearance, utilizing PDR to ensure swift repairs. PPF is a layer of defense against road debris and scratches, while maintaining your vehicle’s aesthetics. We are conveniently located in Yorktown, in Northern Westchester, New York.

Paintless dent repair Westchester, NY

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